How To Have A Beautiful Yard While Saving Water Supplies

I recently read an article in the Dallas Morning News that I believe is important to everyone in the area who is concerned about maintaining a beautiful yard during our hot summer months:

Texas’ droughts haven’t slowed down, and neither has the state’s growth. It’s time to take a close look at how much of our limited water supply is used on lawns and what we can do about it. Studies have found that homeowners tend to water their lawns two to three times more than they need to.

Sources say that this wasted water could be used to serve current and future North Texans, leaving water in our rivers for fish and wildlife. 

Fortunately, several Texas cities have identified that outdoor lawn watering is a good place to lock in water savings. Dallas, Fort Worth and Frisco are a few of the cities that have adopted water restrictions and schedules to protect and extend our water supplies.

These restrictions have already paid off: Since Dallas introduced its “no more than twice per week” watering regulations in 2012, the city’s water pumping has dropped 13 percent. 

However, are the yards maintaining the beautiful green that all homeowners want for their yards? In most cases, it is not — there are a lot of Texas lawns that are turning brown and crispy — and there doesn’t seem to be an answer to this dilemma.

A solution for homeowners is to have Synthetic Grass Pros install beautiful artificial grass. Not only will artificial grass remain lush and beautiful for many years, but the savings of having artificial grass adds up. Besides saving on your water bill, there is no more regular, expensive frequent yard maintenance. 

Having a yard of artificial grass also has environmental benefits, too. Artificial grass replacing natural grass leaves more fresh water to flow in our rivers and creeks and give life to Texas bays.

There are many more benefits for homeowners, apartments, golf courses, parks and other places to use artificial grass. 

Let the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros show you some of the many benefits you’ll have with beautiful, affordable artificial grass. Think about this: our summers will always be hot, the area’s population continues to rapidly grow, and the demands for water will obviously expand. That’s why I believe artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is the solution to help protect our water supply while having a yard of beautiful, lush artificial grass. Contact the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the many other benefits you’ll have with today’s artificial grass.