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Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Synthetic Grass Pros designs and installs artificial turf putting greens. Simulate tour quality putting greens in your backyard or for your business with industry leading synthetic grass golf solutions. 

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Putting Course at AT&T Performing Arts and Opera House


Benefits ofArtificial Grass Golf Putting Greens

  • Practice putting all year long
  • Great family or community amenity 
  • Eliminates ongoing maintenance like mowing
  • Reduces allergens
  • No need for fertilizers or pesticides
  • Natural green look year-round
Putting Lab at PGA Headquarters in Frisco, Texas


Features ofSynthetic Grass Pros Turf Putting Greens

  • Various fiber types to choose from
  • Different fiber colors to match regional grass
  • Include thatch fibers
  • Large face weight options
  • Varying Pile Heights
  • Shine & Heat Block

"Synthetic Grass Pros provided an incredible product. It is way better than I anticipated! We are very excited about our new putting green and side yard play area. We got several bids and realized that Synthetic Grass Pros had been in the business for a long time and really grasped the concept I was relaying to them. The design was better than I anticipated and the base they put down was way above and beyond what I expected! The crew is extremely knowledgeable and made small changes that made a big difference to the outcome of the project! I am extremely grateful to Synthetic Grass Pros for all their hard work, honesty and a great product!"

Russ, Homeowner
Artificial grass golf putting course

Featured Product

Featured Project AT&T Performing Arts and Opera House

Synthetic Grass Pros designed a custom outdoor artificial grass upgrade for the AT&T Performing Arts Center and Opera House. Utilized for a variety of activities, SGP built an outdoor putting green course that featured different fringe and putting turf, along with an open play artificial grass field that will be used for movie nights and more.

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Short Game Elite Putting Green Turf

Quality Products

Recommended Product Short Game Elite

A 1.25 inch pile, PP blades with no thatch construction. Designed specifically for golf applications.

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