Looking For The Best Artificial Grass Company?

There is a difference between artificial grass companies. Synthetic Grass Pros is highly recognized throughout the industry as the best in the business. There are good reasons for that — offering quality products, outstanding service and very competitive prices. You will be so glad you worked with Synthetic Grass Pros because they really are professionals — with many years of experience working in the North Texas area. 

Within the past year, North Texas has experienced a severe drought — thus, much water had to be used to keep lawns and other areas green and healthy. We all love a green yard all year long, but more than ever it seems unlikely in our area.

The answer for many home and commercial owners is artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros. Not only does their artificial grass remain beautiful, lush and green all year long, but eliminates the troublesome and expense of maintaining a yard. Just think — no more watering yards, no more mowing or hiring an outside maintenance company to take care of a yard. Your neighbors and friends and business clients will surely be pleased to see how well kept your yard is all year long. They’ll never guess that it’s artificial grass!

Artificial grass reduces residential and commercial water usage by up to 70 percent. There are no carbon emissions from lawn mowers. With artificial grass there are no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that can pollute our valuable water supplies. And no urban run-off into sewer systems.

Customers of artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros frequently say their lives have changed for the better because of their investment in artificial grass. Customers are greatly impressed with the realism of artificial grass — it will last for many years — they can’t believe it’s not regular natural grass. 

Let the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros show you the many advantages and savings you’ll experience with artificial grass. That’s guaranteed!