Much Has Changed With Artificial Grass Since It Was Introduced Back In The 60's

Today’s artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is more realistic, durable and longer wearing than ever before. Imagine never having to mow your yard again. Never having to hire expensive maintenance companies, or using harmful chemicals to fight insects and weeds. And you’ll have a beautiful, lush green yard all year long.

There are many uses of artificial grass. Of course, it is popular for landscapes and decks, but artificial grass plays a major role in places where grass won’t grow, such as around trees and shrubs, pools, outdoor patios and walkways.

A few of the other many uses:

Artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is prefect for putting greens. This artificial grass is constructed with a dense short pile that allows a golf ball to roll accurately without bumps or uneven surfaces. Another outside area for artificial grass is for playgrounds. This specialized artificial grass can withstand a higher level of yard traffic The surfaces are easy to clean and maintain — and are usually playable even after rain. The padding for playgrounds also can help reduce injuries.

Pet runs are also have a great benefit from artificial grass. Pets can be rough on natural grass, but artificial grass withstands even the roughest pet playing. And again, if used outside, there’s no mud being tracked into dry areas. For pet paws, there are many specialized artificial grass examples from Synthetic Grass Pros that are designed not to hurt paws. Dog daycare companies are also frequent users of artificial grass.

These are a just a few of the many great applications for artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros.