The Drought In Texas Is Growing

A continuation of the drought means that a price hike is very possible for Texas residences. During the past few years water costs rose more than six percent. The average family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area paid more than about $40 a month increase in water price. Many Dallas/Fort Worth residences can expect to pay an average of more than $1,200 a year for water in 2018.

About a third of water consumption for homeowners is used for outdoor purposes, such as watering a lawn. Water supplies are dwindling, droughts last much longer and everybody needs to do everything they can to preserve the water we still have. I am so glad that more people in the area are realizing that artificial grass is one answer to saving water.

Artificial grass has come a long way from its early days. Years ago artificial turf was more like a green carpet than real grass. It wasn’t anything a person would use as an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass. Over the years, manufacturers have been designing and retooling artificial grass so that it looks and performs just like real grass.

Synthetic Grass Pros is leading in the installation and development of artificial grass. Their team of professionals can show you the variety of natural looking, beautiful artificial grass that is perfect for dozens of applications. Their customer service before and after installation is the best to be found anywhere — customer satisfaction is number one with them. With the cost of water rising so quickly, it makes sense more than ever to make the switch to artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros.