It's A Great Time Of The Year For Gift Ideas - How About A Beautiful New Yard?

Artificial grass is a major home improvement for any location — and a home investment that you and your family will benefit for many years. Who wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful green yard of realistic artificial grass that replaces brownish natural grass?

In areas prone to drought conditions such as the DFW Metroplex, artificial grass is a great solution. Since you’ll cut your water bill and maintenance costs, you will have more time for yourself without yard worries. I have always disliked yard work, and with artificial grass it really is a low-maintenance alternative that adds to the quality of life for you and your family.

Imagine eliminating regular yard maintenance — saving on mowing, fertilizing, weed control and hiring maintenance assistance. With artificial grass, you’ll have fewer yard insects and other creatures to worry about, and you’ll find your allergies may be much improved with a yard of beautiful artificial grass.

There could be many areas in your yard where grass won’t grow that would be greatly enhanced with green artificial grass.

Artificial grass is much more than just turf grass — at Synthetic Grass Pros it’s a total landscape system that includes preparation of the ground where the turf will be installed, having a draining system and turf backing with fill material used to keep the artificial grass blades the best turf looking grass to be found anywhere.

Synthetic Grass Pros offers the premier artificial grass products in the industry. Whether it’s for a simple residential landscape project to a large commercial project, they have the team of professionals to meet your needs. Artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is a holiday gift that will last for years to come.