How You Keep A Green All Year Long?

I never realized how much work one has to do to keep a yard of natural grass green all year long. It’s really just about impossible to keep a yard green during the winter months, and as far as summer, with the weather so hot and the drought, it becomes a real challenge to have a green yard. And that goes for commercial areas around restaurants, malls, or other public areas.

Despite recent brief showers, severe drought is likely to linger in our areas for awhile — that means it’s necessary to water our lawns regularly or lose what green they have. 

According to official sources, our area is mired in a severe drought for the first time in many years, and weather experts say there is no end in sight. This is bad news for those who depend on water for keeping yards and other areas green.

According to the U.S. drought monitor, about 80 percent of Texas “absorbs” and 36 percent is in “severe drought.”

A solution to this situation is to have your thirsty natural grass replaced with beautiful, natural looking artificial grass. Not only does it remain green and lush all year long, but there is no watering or yard maintenance to add to a homeowners expense and concerns.

So many people who have natural grass are really irritated having to look after their lawn all summer long. It uses a lot of money  with constant watering and mowing — many hire outside maintenance crews to take care of their yard.

Are you sick and tired of looking after your lawn? Is the constant watering and mowing starting to put a hole on your pocket? Then you need a landscaping solution that will rid you of all these troubles. Besides, with the latest Water Conservation Ordinance in Dallas, you have no other choice but to cut down on water consumption, and going for grass synthetics may just be your most efficient bet. 

Imagine how much money you can save for future use if you don’t have to fuel your lawn mower and turn on the sprinkler again.

The answer to this dilemma is to have Synthetic Grass Pros replace your natural grass with beautiful artificial grass. You’ll immediately see the difference — a beautiful green yard all year long without having to spend money on watering and mowing — and that’s going to be good for our environment too. No more polluting our streams and rivers with chemicals — and it’s going to be major water saving since about 70 percent of water uses are for maintaining a yard.

Call the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the many benefits of having artificial grass explore our regular grass. You’ll really be glad you did.