For More Than A Decade, Synthetic Grass Pros Has Been A Leader In Providing Artificial Grass To North Texas

No matter if you desire artificial grass for residential lawns to commercial properties, playgrounds or malls, your best choice is Synthetic Gras Pros. They have become the premier artificial grass company for quality products and first class service. 

Artificial grass is incredibly realistic and stays green and lush all year long — regardless of the season. Imagine — no more watering, no more mowing, no more fertilizing, no more sodding under shady areas, and no more mud tracked indoors on rainy days.

You’ll have a perfect lawn all year long!

There have been tremendous improvements in the quality of artificial grass over the years. Artificial grass is not really a new product. In fact, it’s been around and developed since the 1960s. Artificial grass was first used at the end of the 1960s in the Houston Astrodome, the first covered sports stadium in the USA. This type of artificial grass was named Astroturf, after the stadium. The objective was to create a sports playing field that was as functional as possible.

Today’s artificial grass is so realistic nobody can tell the difference between artificial grass and regular grass. Since there is no maintenance, it actually pays for itself and saves the home or business owner a considerable amount of maintenance money.

During the winter months, it really is a good time to consider replacing your yellow grass with beautiful, green artificial grass. Wouldn’t a green yard look much better? Artificial grass stays lush and green all year long. You’ll be totally pleased with the results. 

The answer to what to do with your winter yard is to call Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the many benefits of using artificial grass. They will be happy to visit your area and determine where you would greatly benefit from beautiful, natural looking artificial grass — and at a competitive price.  

Over time, artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros  saves a lot of money in maintenance, water costs and repairs.