A Maintenance Free Yard Is One Of The Many Benefits

I thought you’d like to know that artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros drains freely with absolutely no absorption issues. That means odor won’t be a problem and it even stands up to pets and pet waste. Their artificial grass backing also has an integrated weed barrier which saves you time and money. Over time, synthetic grass from Synthetic Grass Pros can save money in maintenance, water cost and yard repairs.

Water saving artificial turf is one of the most effective water conservation products today. It is 100 percent recyclable, reduces carbon emissions, utilizes waste and preserves valuable water resources. 

With artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros, you get a beautiful  maintenance free lawn that saves you money and also helps with the environment.

Imagine, with artificial grass you can save up to 70 percent or your residential water use, you would have no carbon emissions from lawn equipment, reduces trash landfills by utilizing many items, and no carbon run-off into sewer systems or the ocean.

With artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros, you can keep your residence looking pristine with landscaping that is so much better when compared to regular grass.