Summer Heat Means Brown Grass

With the summer about half over, many have asked themselves how much effort was put into keeping their yard green — especially since our area has had such a tough drought. I’ve noticed that more than usual the yards around my neighborhood, restaurants and other commercial areas just don’t seem as nice as they used too — even with watering twice a week (as the Dallas city has asked), a yard just can’t stay green with a lack of water.

Remember how proud so many used to be with a green lush yard that neighbors and others could enjoy? A thing of the past? No, that’s not going to happen if you contact Synthetic Grass Pros and have them show you the many advantages of having artificial grass installed. Not only does it pay for itself in no time at all, but you’ll be able to enjoy a green yard all year long —regardless of the water shortages.

Don’t let the recent think that the drought is over. Our area is in a severe drought for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, weather experts say that there is no end in sight. That means if one is going to keep their yard and other areas green — one is going to have to use more precocious water. From March until recently, North Texas has suffered through the worst drought since records were kept the worst in about 20 years.

What this means to all of us is that we most conserve our use of water….and since about 70 percent of our water usage is for watering yards and other outside areas — is just makes since that we should have Synthetic Grass Pros replace our natural grass with beautiful, lush artificial grass that stays green all year long regardless of the water shortage. 

This save the environment, and your neighbors and friends will notice how truly beautiful your yard is all year long — and that enhances the value of your home, too. So give the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros a call and let them show you the many advantages and overall savings of artificial grass. You really be glad you did!