Summer Weather Forecast Is Hot And Dry

A local weatherman says we are going to have an unusually dry and hot few weeks ahead — and it doesn’t look much better for the rest of the summer. Natural grass must be watered more often — much of natural grass just can’t thrive in 100 degree weather. There could be water restrictions in many areas, too……so what is an owner going to do to keep a yard beautiful this summer?

Water saving artificial grass is one of the most effective water conservation products on the market today. Artificial grass is 100 percent recyclable, it reduces carbon emissions, and preserves valuable water resources.

With artificial grass, you not only reduce your use of water, but there are no carbon emissions from lawn mowers, no pesticides, herbicides that pollute our water supplies. There is no urban run-off into sewer systems either.

Today’s artificial grass is truly beautiful. It’s lush and realistic and stays that way all year long — and for many years. Just imagine how a beautiful, problem free, green landscape would improve your family’s living conditions.

Why not give the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros a call and let them show you the many varieties of artificial grass. You will be impressed, I guarantee that.