Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Home Or Commercial Yard Is An Essential Part Of Your Investment

I recently read in the Dallas News that state climatologists expect drier conditions in the coming months for the Southwest. This could be bad news for natural grass owners. Despite the rain Texas received in 2015 and 2016, parts of Texas have already slipped back into a drought. Last month, 19 percent of the state was classified as either abnormally dry or in a drought.

Climatologists say this is predictable after the heavy rains Texas had earlier last year. The current jet stream pattern means that much of the Southwest could end up being dry for the spring and summer months — when the hot sun changes natural grass from green to brown — unless, of course, you don’t mind watering your natural grass more often.

The weather experts say it’s difficult to predict whether the area will have a prolonged drought or not, but one thing is certain: it’s going to be necessary to use more water — and that will mean higher costs keeping natural grass green. A simple solution is to replace thirsty natural grass with beautiful, long wearing artificial turf. Not only will artificial turf remain green and lush all year long, it doesn’t require expensive natural grass maintenance — especially watering. With artificial turf you not only save money, but you’ll help eliminate water runoff of yard chemicals that go into our streams and rivers. Synthetic Grass Pros are experts in installing artificial turf, with years of experience and a friendly staff of professionals. They can show you the many choices that are available for your needs. Call the experts at Synthetic Grass Pros — you’ll be glad you did!