Children Can Have Much More Fun When Playing On Synthetic Grass Pros' Artificial Turf

Their turf is specially designed for the demands of little feet. They’ll play much cleaner on synthetic turf with none of the mud spots of natural grass, none of the bugs that wood chips attract, none of the scuffs and abrasions that go with concrete/asphalt or poured rubber. They’ll really enjoy playing on safer and soft, all-polyethylene grass that contains no lead or heavy metals, no splinters or hidden objects, and meets or exceeds the shock absorbency of natural grass. And there’s more time for play, because artificial turf from Synthetic Grass Pros outlasts natural grass and needs none of the necessary everyday maintenance.

Artificial turf for playgrounds has a non-abrasive surface that plays like natural grassIt is very durable and can withstand virtually unlimited play unlike natural turf. There are many benefits of synthetic turf fields. For example, rain drains off of the area quickly so it can be used all year in a variety of weather conditions without harming the playground or field. The area maintains its resilient qualities over time and will not stiffen, thus enabling everyone to enjoy a consistent natural bounce to the surface throughout the life of the playground or field. Maintenance is minimal; there is no mowing, irrigation, fertilization, weed control, aeration or over seeding required. Players can use all types of athletic shoes and have good traction in wet or dry conditions. The turf is non-abrasive and allows athletes to pivot or slide on the turf surface, without risk of “turf burn” injuries.

It’s so true that many playgrounds, parks and other play areas have a continual cycle with their natural grass: pull a playground area out of use to install new sod, provide substantial field maintenance in aerating, fertilizing, reseeding, and installing winter turf covers, then watch the grass die from overuse, and start the whole process again. The use of Synthetic Grass Pros’ turf for play areas far exceeded the number of games recommended for maintaining good field conditions. Each play area with Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial turf is tested so that it meets or exceeds national standards for its ability to absorb shock and reduce impact.

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of artificial turf, please feel free to call the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros. They’ll be happy to show you so many samples of today’s beautiful artificial turf that is specially created for playgrounds and other sports areas.