Problems With So Much Rain?

I’ve read that the Dallas area has set a record for the highest amount of rain in one year. That’s great, considering that a year earlier there was a serious drought in the area. Of course all of the rain does create a problem for sports. Wet, sloppy fields, days when practice and games are cancelled — what a mess! By installing artificial turf, there will be no more water puddles and mud in the outfield or lengthy delays resurfacing the infield during a rain delay. With artificial turf you’ll have an improved drainage system and the field is expected to be dry and playable shortly after a heavy rain. Artificial turf has evolved significantly to become the playing surface of choice for sports professionals. Whether used for soccer, football, rugby, hockey or golf, artificial turf has risen to an entirely new level of play thanks to advances in technology which have revolutionized the quality of beautiful artificial turfs.