Synthetic Grass Pros Has Developed Artificial Turf For Residential, Commercial, Pets, Golf, Landscape And Many Other Areas

Sports artificial turf includes turf for football, hockey, tennis and other areas. Their artificial turf meets the highest standards that are required for sports today.With more than a decade of providing the best artificial turf, Synthetic Grass Pros has recognized reputation of quality service for countless areas in the Southwest and beyond.

Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial turf is designed to have the most beautiful and realistic appearance and is a true “green” solution to help conserve water, reduce maintenance and provide a practical answer for problem areas around places where natural grass just doesn’t grow very well, such as around swimming pools and under large trees.

Backyard putting greens offer golfers the great opportunity to bring the game they love to their home. Synthetic Grass Pros outdoor and indoor golf greens are made from the finest synthetic grass products that are incredibly realistic. In fact, their artificial turf is so realistic that one can’t tell the difference between what is artificial and what is natural turf. There is nothing artificial about the performance of artificial turf putting and chipping surfaces that makes practicing a short game a matter of convenience. Artificial turf is strong, sturdy and will last for many years – and doesn’t require the maintenance of natural grass putting greens.