Synthetic Turf Is Ideal For Lawns And Landscapes

Synthetic lawn surfaces are becoming increasingly popular, showing up in backyards, apartment patios, commercial buildings, bars, schools and even inside some homes — synthetic grass is no longer considered as unwanted or tacky. There are lots of reasons for this rise in popularity, particularly for residential homes, due to previously poor results with real grass. Homeowners want an easy to maintain lawn, and synthetic turf is child and pet friendly, easy to maintain and adds value to a property. At the end of 2014, 40-45 million square feet of synthetic grass for landscape had been installed in the United States (according to the Synthetic Turf Council). This is one of the fastest growing divisions within the artificial turf market, as more and more homeowners and businesses are realizing its advantages. Installing artificial turf is becoming a growing desire, particularly for high profile residential situations or events, where having a pristine surface every day of the year is highly sought after.