Is Synthetic Turf Suitable For Pets?

As much as we love our pets, the damage they can cause to a perfectly manicured lawn is enough to test the limits of our affection for them. Many people who consider synthetic turf have pets, and one question is ‘how will they react to this type of surface?’ What’s the answer? – Dogs treat artificial turf no different than natural grass. As a matter of fact, you, your garden and your dog will all benefit from synthetic grass and its use is becoming more and more popular. Artificial turf is resistant to pet urine damage and the fibers are strong enough to withstand lots of doggy play. Also, your lawn won’t suffer from being dug up, meaning a synthetic surface can ensure a beautiful green lawn all year round.

Synthetic Turf provides pets, particularly dogs, with a surface that is soft and enjoyable to play/run on – without you having to worry about the effects of their ‘business’ ruining your lawn. A synthetic surface is functional all year round – no mud, no dry patches, no need for weed killers or having to cut the grass. Synthetic turf offers a safe and clean environment for you, your pet and your family to enjoy.