What Exactly Is Artificial Grass?

More homeowners are saving time, water — and their backs — by switching from real grass to artificial grass.

Artificial grass consists of filaments threaded into a backing that lets water run through. The backing is laid on a drainage layer, which is usually compacted gravel that is placed along the artificial turf’s perimeter.

Synthetic Grass Pros has the best artificial grass material available and is installed by a team of experienced professionals – and at very compatible prices.

Artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a complete landscape system. Synthetic Grass Pros artificial grass system includes preparation of the ground where the synthetic turf will be installed, keeping in mind of the drainage through the synthetic grass backing. The infill material is used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and realistic. Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial grass is comprised of fibers that are quilted into a backing that will create the appearance of a natural organic lawn.

Rising costs of watering your lawn and fueling lawn maintenance equipment makes it difficult to keep your lawn looking its best. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of all the benefits Synthetic Grass Pros has to offer. With their artificial turf you will save money on your maintenance costs. All this while providing beautiful, earth-friendly landscape solutions will help you do your part for the environment.

Synthetic grass for landscaping and recreation is growing 10% to 15% a year in the U.S Pool surrounds. Let the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros show you why.