Don't Forget About Water Restrictions

Even thought we’ve had some wet winter weather in our area recently, we can’t forget that much of our areas are still suffering from a serious drought. This really does affect how much we can and can’t water natural grass yards. I recently read that the North Texas Municipal Water District has extended its Stage 3 watering restrictions through April in response to continuing drought and low levels of key lakes. According to the water district, residential and commercial customers especially in the district east and north of Dallas should use sprinkler or irrigation systems no more than once every two weeks. I believe that restrictions for all of the North Texas area could become even tougher as the hot and dry summer months come our way. Does this mean that our traditional green yards are going to only be memories? Not if one considers replacing water-hungry natural grass with beautiful artificial turf. Today’s artificial turf not only will save water and expensive yard maintenance costs, but a yard of artificial turf will remain beautiful and lush all year long. Plan on visiting the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the many samples of today’s beautiful and affordable artificial turf.