Tracking Mud Into The House Is Not Fun For Anybody

We’ve had a lot of rain in North Texas during the past few weeks. Thank goodness the rains have helped fill many of our lakes — as well as end much of the drought. Several of my friends have complained about how much mud their children are bringing into the house — since so much of their natural grass has died during the drought and winter months. Neighbors have mentioned that they can’t have their pet dogs run freely in their backyard after one of our recent heavy rains. Solution to this problem can be greatly reduced by replacing natural grass with beautiful, long wearing artificial turf. “Our house has been so much cleaner because the children, and our dogs, don’t track in all of the mud. Especially in the winter time.” This is just one of the many reasons why artificial turf improves the look of your front and back yards, and also improves the quality of life for a family.