Sorry, The Drought Is Here To Stay

Despite some of the recent brief showers, the drought in Texas continues and is taking its toll on many yards. Seven of 13 of Texas largest cities already have water limits on usage. Sadly, water levels at Lake Lavon are already more than four feet lower than the point last year, and there is an extra hot summer in the forecast. All other area lakes are in trouble. The director of the North Texas Municipal Water District has asked the district’s 13 members citifies to cut water use 15 to 20 percent. We learned that seven cities have cut usage 20 percent since October 2011. Today, all of the cities in the 20 percent “club” have told residents to limit outdoor watering to once every two weeks. Public Works Director said educating the public about the need to conserve water is the key to a successful campaign. And if that doesn’t work, the cities have the right to turn off water to sprinklers. What are we going to do to have a beautiful green yard – a Texas tradition for decades? The simple answer is to install lush, affordable artificial turf. No more watering, no more yard maintaining, no more “yard stress” thanks the year round beauty of artificial turf. Give the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros a call today and let them show you some of the popular artificial turf that is being installed all across the Southwest. You’ll be glad you did.