Let Us Beat The Drought

The drought in the Southwest continues to be one of the worst in decades. Communities are seriously restrictions much of yard watering. The result is a loss of naturally green and lush yards that all of us enjoy. And the drought in many areas is getting worse. For example, plummeting water levels to the Edward Aquifer will lead to unprecedented restrictions on water pumping within the next few days. The Edwards Aquifer Authority said that 40 percent pumping could start in Central Texas this week if hot and dry conditions don’t improve. Years of drought have reduced water levels at the aquifer, which is more than 13 feet lower than it was last year. It has dropped to 10 feet in the past two months. Clearly, yard watering is out of the question for so much of the Southwest. But homeowners and others need not to eliminate a beautiful, lush yard all year long if one installs natural looking artificial turf. Not only does this eliminate watering, but no longer does artificial turf require all of the expensive and time consuming maintenance that natural yards need. And it looks as beautiful and lush as any natural turf. Call the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you many of the varieties of artificial turf that could be perfect for your area. You’ll be glad you did – and save a lot of water, too.