Bad News: Continued Limits Placed On Area Lawn Watering

Do you think that your lawn is brown only during the winter? According to the Dallas News, 1.6 million customers of the North Texas District must limit sprinkler use to once every two weeks beginning November 1. District customers followed the same watering rules as once every two weeks as needed through much of the summer. If the drought continues, as expected, the winter and summer restrictions will become even more the law of the land. The days of beautiful Texas lawns seem like a distant memory – unless one considers using beautiful, natural looking artificial turf at a terrific replacement for natural grass. Not only does artificial turf stay lush and green all year long, artificial turf requires no watering or the expensive and time consuming maintenance of natural grass. Don’t know what would be perfect for your yard? Give the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros a call and let them show you the many affordable styles offered with today’s popular artificial turf. Believe me, it will be so nice to have a green and beautiful yard all year long without the worry and expense of natural grass.