Serious Drought Continues Throughout The Area

Despite some of the recent rains, a new drought report by the Texas Water Development Board states that Texas saw worsening drought conditions that now affect two thirds of Texas.
About 25 percent of the state is suffering under “extreme” or “worse” drought conditions and two-thirds of Texas suffers from “moderate” or “worse” drought conditions.

Just four months ago, 46 percent of the state was dry enough to qualify as undergoing at least a “moderate” drought. The percent has risen to 67 percent.
The drought is slowly taking a toll on the state’s reservoirs. By the end of March, storage levels were 472,740 acre-feet less than the same month last year.

Meteorologists predict that the drought affecting the Dallas/Fort Worth area will continue through the summer. Thus, North Texans have begun taking measures to protect water supplies, our most precious natural resource.

Almost all of the communities throughout Texas now have enacted measures to limit the use of watering outdoors.

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