Artificial Grass Dog Park Project
Bark Park at Bear Creek

Artificial Turf Pet Park

Bark Park at Bear Creek

The City of Grapevine wanted a dog park upgrade to give their community a safe and clean space for furry friends to frolic in the Bark Park at Bear Creek Park. Synthetic Grass Pros worked with the city to design and build an artificial grass pet park to included wide open play areas and contoured turf mounds for obstacle play.


Bark Park at Bear Creek

Project Details

Bark Park at Bear Creek Project Details

Bark Park at Bear Creek Finished Project


Benefits of Pet Parks with Artificial Grass

Synthetic Grass Pros features 100% permeable backing that requires no water and is virtually maintenance-free making it ideal for pet park applications. Our pet turf system also utilized drain tile for best results but can also be installed directly over an aggregate base for expansive areas.


  • Provides Mud-Free Playing Surface
  • Low Maintenance
  • Eliminates pesticides & fertilizers
  • Minimize Allergen Exposure
  • Stays Green All Year Long


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