Multifamily Community Project
Cortland Lakeyard Apartments

Multi-Family Community Pet Friendly Artificial Turf

Cortland Lakeyard

In the suburbs of Dallas Texas, Cortland Lakeyard apartment complex needed a facility update for their pet friendly facilities. Synthetic Grass Pros provided pet turf designed to be keep pets safe while providing a low-maintenance amenity for the multi-family community.


Cortland Lakeyard

Project Details

Cortland Lakeyard Project Details

Cortland Lakeyard Before and After


Benefits of Pet Turf for Multi-Family Communities

Synthetic Grass Pros pet turf features our 100% permeable backing which requires no watering and is virtually maintenance-free. For best results, the system also utilized our drain tile, but can also be installed directly over clean aggregate base for larger areas.


  • Eliminate need for pesticides & fertilizers
  • Stays green all year long
  • Provides mud-free playing surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimize allergen exposure


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