Rooftop Turf Project
CBRE Headquarters

Artificial Grass Rooftop

CBRE Headquarters

CBRE Headquarters, located in downtown Dallas, was tired of looking at their brown pebble rooftop area that their building overlooked. Downtown areas often lack greenery so CBRE decided an artificial grass rooftop would provide an attractive and clean finish for their rooftop space.


CBRE Headquarters Single Rooftop

Project Details

CBRE Headquarters Project Details

  • Located in Dallas, Texas
  • 44,000 sq/ft of artificial turf
  • 2-Week Project
CBRE Headquarters 2 Rooftops


Benefits of Artificial Grass Rooftop

Artificial turf rooftops offer landscaping that stays green all year long and creates a polished finished for underutilized rooftop spaces for businesses in urban areas. Synthetic Grass Pros provides soft, safe and easy to maintain artificial grass that is ideal rooftop lounge or play areas.


  • Great amenity for urban businesses, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and apartment buildings.
  • Brings people together and enhances social cohesion.
  • Increases the value of your building.
  • Absorbs sound, providing a quieter environment inside and outside the building.


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